Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Healthy Habit For A Car Owner

Different car owners have their own methods to maintain and improve their car. Most of them spend a lot of time to make sure that their car smells good inside and totally look neat. Cleaning the interior of the car is a good thing to do, it avoid any complications such as sinusitis or anything that could trigger your allergies and your passengers.
Below are the list that must be considered on maintaining the car:

Removing of the dusts
This is one of the tough jobs when it comes to interior cleaning. It is advisable to wear a mask to avoid sneezing due to dust particles in your car. Carpets and other fabric upholstery of the car must be vacuum cleaned weekly. When using any solvents to clean the dashboard please read the instruction carefully and don't forget to wear protective gadgets such as gloves and protective eye wear for your safety.

Fragrance of the car
Air fresheners makes the car smells good and eliminates some awful odors. However, too much of these substance can be harmful to your health. So be careful when placing one in your car and try to pick the scent which is suitable to your smell because combination of different scent may result to a undesirable odor.

Mechanical problems
Sometimes other foul smell comes into the car every time you turn on the air conditioner or when the engine is running. Those odors are due to the mechanical problem of the car. If you experience these things, it's better to visit your regular mechanic and fix these problems. Also it is a good idea if you take your car to a mechanical shop for the overhaul once a year or twice, depends on the condition of the engines of your car.

Food Leftovers
When you eat inside your car it is expected that there are some spills that you may encounter accidentally, if this thing happens try to remove the spill immediately to avoid any stains in your upholstery. And make sure that you don't leave any food inside your car within a week to avoid any molds or roaches inside the car, molds can cause some disease when it is inhaled.
Let us be responsible when maintaining our car, keep that in mind that it is not only the outer part that must be maintained but also the inside. The car reflects the owner's personality and you don't want to hear a negative comments with your car, right?